Master Information Technology     


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IT Committee

    The I.T. team is primarily responsible for building the school's information technology equipment, until now our classrooms are equipped with all the standard computer systems , projectors and interactive smart boards.


    In line with the development of information technology, our comprehensive computer network system, so that the school's computers, including classrooms, libraries, laboratories, etc. can be connected to the Internet, so that teachers can use laptop instant access, use of online resources in teaching. And all the special rooms which have the division of professional computers and accessories in order to enable students to an advanced learning environment.


     Located in the old school building on the third floor of the Multimedia Learning Centre (MMLC), the second floor of the new wing campus computer-assisted learning room (CAL) and the third floor of language learning room (Cyberland), were set up more than 40 multimedia computers, plus the remaining three school computer rooms, the school has a total of six different computer rooms can be used for teaching purposes.


     Therefore ,by using information technology in teaching, student can be through the computer screen to accept the teacherˇ¦s message, but also to listen to their lessons through headphones, this interactive teaching methods, greatly improving the students' interest in learning.