Long-term goals

1. Development of information technology campus.

2. For the education of information technology to provide        professional orientation.

3. Promote student knowledge of information technology, students can master the practical IT knowledge and be self-learning.

4. Promote IT knowledge for teachers, the teacher can grasp the latest information technology in teaching knowledge.


 Medium-term goals (3 years)

1. Update computer labs and classrooms of information technology equipment, enhance the computer facilities.

2. Promote mobile learning (mobile learning) and e-book (e-book) for all major school subjects.

3. Update and enhance learning network system functions for the 334 curriculum.


 Year goals

1. Develop good study habits and enhance learning initiative.

2. Promote learning outside the classroom to support the curriculum.

3. Update and enrich the school website and networking system to enhance internal and external communication.

4. Strengthen information technology prefects (IT PREFECT) and promote information technology campus life.


Master Information Technology                   


                            Develop Future Life