NSS Geography Curriculum


The Compulsory Part comprises seven geographical issues and problems:


Living with our physical environment

(1) Opportunities and Risks – Is it rational to live in hazard-prone areas?

(2) Managing Rivers and Coastal Environments: A continuing challenge


Facing changes in the human environment

(3) Changing Industrial Location – How and why does it change over space and time?

(4) Building a Sustainable City – Are environmental conservation and urban

development mutually exclusive?


Confronting global challenges

(5) Combating Famine – Is technology a panacea for food shortage?

(6) Disappearing Green Canopy – Who should pay for the massive deforestation in

rainforest regions?

(7) Global Warming – Is it fact or fiction?



The four electives are as follows:


(1) Dynamic Earth: the building of Hong Kong

(2) Weather and Climate

(3) Transport Development, Planning and Management

(4) Regional Study of Zhujiang (Pearl River) Delta


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